MST White Paper

1. What is Social Q?

Social Q is the app for apps.
We present the trendiest social network app, powered by MST Token.

A community run by ordinary people.
This has never happened before. Now, together with you, we will make it happen!

The token itself is the driving force behind our app, Social Q: a decentralized, premium social/connection building network run by MST token holders. Here, no company will have a say in the running of the site, no excluded profiles or blocked content.

One of our mottos is “We are family” because we belong together, You and We are together in the leadership of the site.

But in addition to the social network, the concept of Social Q is made completely unique by the Date and Meet features. The Date feature is the app’s dating interface, which is intended to provide an alternative to Tinder and similar well-known apps.

Our artificial intelligence system, which was specifically developed for this purpose, will not give way to fake users trying to get to know others by using someone else’s photo.

Buy me a coffee, I want a date!
From now on, you will be able to post location-based status updates and in this way find a partner. As investors, we had to know what needs to meet. We have spent the last 2 years gaining experience and we are going to make a lot of money with you in the coming years.

And the Meet feature would help users connect with like-minded people with similar interests, even to develop new business and job opportunities.

The app will also offer other notable features such as Phantom chat, Krypto wallet, exchange function, web3 browser and phone insurance.

Social Q will be a large, thriving social and connection building network with its own native currency, the Millionstarter Token (MST), which will be used to buy ads, dating memberships and boosts on the platform.

As the platform grows and generates revenue from advertising and memberships purchased on the dating site, MST stakers will also benefit from this revenue. A growing user base will lead to higher advertising revenues, and thus demand for MST from advertisers and token buyers will increase.

The Dating site has been in development for 18 months and is currently a fully functional platform on the test net. Millionstarter plans to sell a portion of the MST tokens during the token sale to fund ongoing development and launch marketing activities.

Key features of Social Q:

Q Pass

No password ever needed again

Thanks to our latest Q Pass development, you will never have to worry about forgetting your password and the annoyance it causes. Because you will become the algorithm, the password. Thanks to our genius face recognition and voice analysis, we can eliminate this problem.

Phantom Chat

The basic element of the Social Q network / Dating / Meet, but which can also be used separately by the user.

Phantom Chat is a Blockchain-based solution that provides complete security against hacking, online attacks, financial fraud, data, and identity theft. It has a strong encryption infrastructure and capabilities that support the transmission of text messages, video, voice, and files, as well as the secure transfer of payments and funds on the Blockchain.

Phantom chat provides a complete solution that integrates communication and financial transactions between users.

Phantom chat offers a complete mobile solution and ecosystem for any type of communication between users. In addition to the secure transmission of text messages, audio and video channels, and file transfer, Phantom chat provides users with the following features:

Phantom Chat allows both one-to-one conversations and group meetings. Groups can be deleted from the application at any time and users can be blocked if the user expresses concerns about privacy and security.

Mobile payments and money transfers made through the Phantom Chat app – Phantom Chat completes cryptocurrency deposits and transfers by sending cryptocurrency funds to other users during a chat with them or at any time. In this way, payments and transfers are global, they have very low transaction costs compared to any domestic or international money transfer service and are completed almost instantly.

Self-destructing private messages

If you want to be absolutely sure that no one but the recipient will read your message, you can choose the self-destruct option. In this case, messages will be automatically deleted from all devices after a preset period of time, without any trace.

Safe screen

In messaging applications that do not provide full screen protection, messages can be easily “intercepted”, and the entire contents of the user’s screen can be exposed to a hostile third party. Phantom Chat offers a fully safe screen, the contents of which cannot be intercepted.

End-to-End Encryption (E2E)

For most messaging applications, the only privacy feature is end-to-end encryption. In the case of Social Q, this is just one of the features that work together to ensure complete privacy. Text messages and other files use military-level protocol, with pre-keys optimized for mobile and multi-device messaging, for end-to-end data encryption.

Paid content can be sent by message

No need to use different file-sharing servers and other money transfer providers. Send the fruits of your labor to your client and they will receive the file, video, or image as soon as they have paid for it. Easy file upload and MST token price setting option. Both sides are secured by Phantom Chat to prevent fraud.

Wallet and exchange:

Social Q includes an integrated crypto exchange, through which users can exchange and trade cryptocurrencies, tokens. This module is particularly important as users can receive payments and funds in cryptocurrencies while operating Phantom Chat or react instantly to changes in the exchange rate of cryptocurrencies. Therefore, the crypto exchange offers a seamless solution that simplifies users’ financial operations, supporting more than 200 cryptocurrencies.

Fake Pass

In Phantom Chat or Wallet functions, if you are forced by strangers, preferably just friends, to show them your chat history or wallet balance, you can show them your pre-set chat history and wallet balance with a specially created inappropriate password to protect your own security.

WEB 3.0 Browser:

Use this to access our platforms, as well as other exchanges and markets, anonymously and untraceably.

Q Protection:

The first device protection that you can buy with cryptocurrency for your new or used device. iProtection and Q Protection are combined. One click to buy mobile phone insurance for your new or used device.

3 years ago, we launched a new kind of phone protection service where you can buy online “insurance” for a new or used phone with just a few clicks. No more explanations, no more rejections, accompanied by fast administration.

2. The problems

In the world of the internet, many people have reasons to hide and not reveal themselves and become digital monsters, harassing others, ruining the atmosphere of the social networking site with defamatory comments.

The main problems with the current social platforms are:

For users:

  • Misuse of photos and names, fake users, phishing and hacking users, spam ads
  • The social networking site decides for us whether to reject risky or adult content

Currently, social media sites can be also used by companies providing unqualified services without official authorization. In many cases, as average users, we run into unreliable entrepreneurs or companies that are a waste of our time and money.

For advertisers:

  • High advertising costs with low reach
  • Low quality target audience
  • Complex ad management process
  • Poor artificial AI that bans ads or ad management users without justification

For creators:

  • As a creator, deliberately low reach, and appearance
  • As a creator, it is difficult to deliver content to the right audience.

Wallet problems:

Using cryptocurrency exchanges is time-consuming and complicated. We simplify it for you.

Cryptocurrency is something you will either use now or in 10 years. The sooner the better. Due to a difficult-to-understand user interface and a lack of understanding of the world of cryptocurrencies, many people are not taking advantage of this opportunity. But we are making it easier than a standard bank transfer to ensure that everyone has an equal chance of exploiting the potential of crypto.

There can be problems everywhere, but the biggest mistake a worldwide site can make is to run a slow and inefficient support.

Even with the highest security guaranteed, wallet attacks and abuse can still occur in everyday life.

Swapping is not always compatible.

Storing a lot of unnecessary and not 100% secure passwords.

3. Our solutions

Social Q social / connection building network

In the coming years, Social Q aims to become the number one social app, while giving users the opportunity to make business contacts, find a job or a colleague, share and read quality content.

Social Q Dating / Meet

We are renewing the dating market. Thanks to our anti-fraud system, we filter out frivolous and fake members. With our Dating Now (Randi Most®) feature, we make it possible to meet people instantly. We speed up online dating.

  • Verified users with real names, unique usernames.
  • Verified businesses

Just like users, we verify companies or entrepreneurs after they have provided official company details. However, it is important to note that consumers can only give businesses a rating after proof of purchase.

Smart ads

Content and ads that match our defined interests. After identification, even hidden/disturbing ads and content on investments or for adults are also available.

Phantom chat functions:

Optional anonymous and public use

Voice and video calling, sending gifts, paying with MST token, sending voice messages, sending paid content (image/video), sending reactions, Screenshot Block function, disappearing messages which are also deleted from the server after a certain time.

Wallet functions: 

Universal SWAP function (conversion is done in the background)

Face recognition and voice AI for login

Separate virtual wallet for one-time purchases

Social Q overcomes these problems with a premium decentralized community-driven platform where you can find everything in one place. Discover quality people and new projects through high-quality content, news, and ads.

It makes cryptocurrencies accessible to everyone to understand and use and helps us keep track of our income and expenses, to which most banks deliberately do not pay enough attention, thus leading to overspending.

4. Roadmap

2018 Q1
The idea of dating service is born
  • Our dream is to create a quality dating service across multiple segments
  • To provide genuine and quality users with a dating service
2018 Q2
Development is underway
  • The beta version of dating service is ready
  • 5 000 registered users
Version 1.0 of the dating service is ready
  • We reach the milestone number of 10 000 users
  • The birth of the Millionstarter idea
  • Company formation
  • Establishing the legal background
2020 Q1
Attracting investors
  • $115,000.00 raised thanks to 43 small investors
  • We started to further develop the Millionaires (Milliomosok) dating site
2021 Q1
 Our new dating site is up and running
  • New dating system
  • Media explosion
  • Marketing campaign
  • TV appearances
2021 Q2
The birth of the MST token and Social Q
  • Creating the token platform + web
  • We start planning the ICO (initial coin offering)
  • MST token creation
2021 Q3
We start selling tokens privately
  • Circle of acquaintances
  • We are expanding our team
  • Media explosion
  • International marketing campaign
  • PR appearances
2021 Q4
Start of Application Development
  • Association with international partners
  • Start further developments
  • Introducing the full Social Q Design plan
  • Listing on PancakeSwap
  • Huge prize draw (surprise)
Our plans
  • MST team expands to 25
  • Our Q wallet becomes available
  • Q Date/Meet becomes available
  • Social Q Web Interface Pre-Registration
  • Introducing Social Q Protection
  • Phantom chat goes live
  • Introducing the test version of the Social Q network
  • We are ready with the full Social Q app

5. Market research and target audience

Social Q is targeting almost all groups in the social and connection building network as well as in the cryptocurrency and blockchain segments, including:

• Daters
• Jobseekers
• Influencers
• Online business networkers
• Investors
• Business Leaders / Entrepreneurs
• Cryptocurrency obsessed people
• Traders
• Developers
• Educators

and anyone else who wants to be part of a premium network

There are three types of Social Q users

• Consumers come to the platform to be entertained by specific content tailored to their interests, to learn, to find a partner or to connect and communicate with like-minded people. They also would like to use our App’s extensive services while earning revenue from holding MST tokens.

• Creators produce content for consumers in the form of short texts, long blog posts, photos, or videos. Creators visit Social Q for the opportunity to monetize their content and services with a highly engaged audience on a single platform. They also seek social validation in the form of consumer reactions, comments and sharing which helps them secure sponsors and brand ambassadors.

• Advertisers come to Social Q to promote their products and services to consumers and creators. Advertisers join the platform when they have a user base to build on. Therefore, our marketing activities are primarily focused on reaching consumers and creators first.

6. The Millionstarter (MST) Token

The entire Social Q App ecosystem is powered by a native digital tool: the Millionstarter Token (MST).

Millionstarter Token is a deflationary, fairly issued and fully transparent digital currency based on Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20).

MST is a multi-functional token that will have multiple uses in the Social Q app. These are the followings:

Payment instrument 

MST is the only accepted currency to buy NFT tokens, advertising, services and dating memberships in the Social Q app.

P2P Transactions 

Send and receive MST tokens between friends, family, and acquaintances quickly and for a low fee in Phantom Chat.

Benefits of MST Token:

Token staking bonus

Get a share of the revenue. Each month Millionstarter will distribute 10% of the total revenue to MST stakers.

Millionstarter will also give holders the opportunity to stake their tokens. The users will be able to earn passive income while their tokens are fully secured. Through staking, the users can receive a fixed percentage of the stake, depending on the amount staked, by storing their assets in a locked wallet.

Millionstarter staking and its benefits:

Staking is a preferred way to earn passive income in the cryptocurrency world. It allows investors to store their tokens in a so-called “pool” and receive a reward, all in a more energy-efficient way than traditional mining.

The main benefits of staking:

No hardware needed

Unlike mining (Proof of Work), this (Proof of Stake) does not require specific hardware. The Proof of Stake method can be performed without any hardware or requirements, except for the requirement that the user must hold the specific token/cryptocurrency for a certain time interval to receive the reward.

Passive income

Users can earn income through staking, namely from the rewards of staking.


A huge advantage of staking is that, unlike mining, it does not require a high energy source.

Highly protected

Provides a highly protected and secure platform through smart contracts.

Buy-back program

Our company is launching a token buy-back program with 5% of operating profits to increase the value of the token

This will be done from the profits of memberships purchased on the dating site, boosts and profits from advertising.

Community governance

Those who hold MST tokens and stake a minimum of 5,000 MST tokens can exercise voting rights on key elements of the Social Q ecosystem, such as new features of the Social Q platform or the removal of questionable content.

Tokenomics (Token investment model)

• Designed by investors for investors
• Designed for growth
• Social Q is forward-thinking and flexible to adapt to the ever-changing world of social media, fame, and entertainment
• The model we invented stirs things up allowing the social space to evolve in unprecedented ways.

• Reserve: 5,0%
• Team & Advisors: 15,0%
• Liquidity: 8,0%
• Developments: 15,0 %
• Pre-Sale: 3,0%
• Public Sale: 30,0%
• Private Sale: 2%
• Marketing & Creators: 22,0 %

MST Token Smart Contract Audit:

Available here:

MST revenue-sharing program

Social Q aims to become the number one social platform for anyone who wants to end the inconvenience of fake users and is interested in blockchain, cryptocurrency content and earning money. To this end, the platform uses a revenue-sharing model as an incentive. 15% of the advertising revenue is distributed to those who place their MST tokens in the MST Revenue Share.

Social Q’s marketing and model drives users directly to the platform in order to generate abundant returns for MST Stakers.

Social Q’s thriving user base attracts business advertisers, dating membership buyers, cryptocurrency traders, thus creating a self-sustaining business model that benefits all participants.

Below are the revenue projections of users who purchased a dating membership:

Registered user Monthly expenditure of subscribers          Subscribed user     Annual revenue
100.000 $150,000 10,000 $1,800,000
500.000 $750,000 50,000 $9,000,000
1.000.000 $1,500,000 100,000 $18,000,000
10.000.000 $15,000,000 1,000,000 $180,000,000

The above figures assume that 10% of Social Q’s dating user base buys a membership or a boost. It is also assumed that as the number of users increases, the number of membership purchases increases exponentially. The table above shows the annual expenditure per user.

Below are revenue projections based on user numbers and advertiser numbers:

Number of users Monthly expenditure of advertisers
Annual revenue on the Social Q network
100.000 $2,000 100 $2,000,000
1.000.000 $2,500 1,000 $25,000,000
10.000.000 $3,500 10,000 $300,000,000

The above figures assume that Social Q has one advertiser for every 1000 users. It is also assumed that as user numbers increase there will be large advertisers whose high advertising costs will increase the average monthly spend. In the table above, the annual value of each user is between $20-30 per year, which is a rather conservative estimate for a monetization-focused, high quality, controlled audience.

The growing number of users, and therefore the increasing advertising revenue, is also increasing the fees paid to MST holders over time. This increases the demand for MST from advertisers who need to use MST to buy ads, as well as from stockbrokers seeking increased rewards. In this way, advertisers and token holders will constantly compete with each other for MST.

Assuming that MST holders will be satisfied with an annual ROI (Return on Investment) of 10%, the table below shows the expected price of an MST token as a function of this. (This calculation does not take into account various factors such as advertisers competing with stakers for a steadily decreasing supply, since 5% of the MST tokens spent on advertising are burned.)

User base Monthly revenue Annual revenue Staked tokens (pcs) MST token price (expected)
100.000 $237,500 $2,850,000 60.000.000 $0,13
1.000.000 $2,833,333 $34,000,000 96.000.000 $1,01
10.000.000 $40,000,000 $480,000,000 144.000.000 $8,1


We burn 5% of the total MST spent on advertising. In this way, 5% of the total ad spend is directly shared with all MST holders, as the value of the burned tokens is immediately and proportionally redistributed to all remaining MST tokens. Token burning means that advertisers and stakers are constantly competing with each other for an ever-decreasing supply of MST. The table below shows the burning rate for different MST token prices and different monthly ad spend.


MST token price Monthly advertising expenditure (MST) Monthly burned tokens (MST)
$0,08 $200,000 (2,500,000 MST) 125,000 MST
$2,000,000 (25,000,000 MST) 1,250,000 MST
$20,000,000 (250,000,000 MST) 12,500,000 MST
$0,2 $200,000 (1,000,000 MST) 50,000 MST
$2,000,000 (10,000,000 MST) 500,000 MST
$20,000,000 (100,000,000 MST) 5,000,000 MST
$1 $200,000 USD (200,000 MST) 10,000 MST
$2,000,000 (2,000,000 MST) 100,000 MST
$20,000,000 (20,000,000 MST) 1,000,000 MST


Renátó Bándli
Founder, Chief Executive & Business Developer
Adam Holl
Co-Founder, Executive Manager
András Markos
International Relations Manager
Máté Koczka
PR communication specialist
Olivér Szabó
Business analyst


Áron Tamás
Marketing Strategy Manager
Kapoor Naveen
Blockchain expert
Zoltán Vigh
Business advisor


Tamás László
Lead developer
Donát Soós

8. Who is it recommended for?

There are three types of MST token buyers:

  1. Investor “Buying for profit”
  2. Advertiser “Buying the token for future advertising”
  3. Committee member “Motivation to participate in the management of the site”


MST tokens are a good investment for those who are thinking long term as the extra high returns will be seen over such a time horizon.


If you are an entrepreneur or business owner, you should get the MST token at the best price as soon as possible because you will be able to advertise more on the Social Q app for less money.

Committee member:

If you would like to be part of “Our Family” and guide Social Q together with us, you can become a member of the Presidential Committee with your purchase.

9. Summary

The Social Q App is the app the world needs, and YOU also know it.

The ease of sharing information in today’s digital space exposes us to random identity theft, ad manipulation, discrimination based on personal information, cyber harassment, filter bubbles, and many other problems that may arise from breaches of our data protection/privacy.

As we live in an age where power controls and censors us and users hide their identities and real profiles, Social Q is the right product at the right time.

Furthermore, as people from all walks of life in every country choose to learn more about crypto, there has never been a greater need for a crypto-centric social network that also focuses on making money.

As fake users, censorship and cryptography enjoy the biggest bull run of all time, the public has an insatiable demand for a high-quality social network and connection to information.

This will only grow, and the value of such an engaged user base is effectively captured by the MST token.