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The conquest of cryptocurrencies is unstoppable, and it is especially worth investing in if you have a constantly evolving social network behind it as collateral. If you want to ride the high growth, you should get in as soon as possible.

MST tokens provide investors with complete transparency and insight, as well as outstanding expectations that are typical of cryptocurrencies.

MST tokens can be purchased by investors through the Millionstarter webpage. The collateral behind the currency is a product called Social Q, a specific community platform that is constantly evolving.

The number of purchases is increasing day by day, and the revenues from this are invested to the development of the application and website, as well as to the knowledge of professionals, in addition to marketing.

– says Renátó Bándli, the founder of Millionstarter

We work with professionals who guarantee the success of the project in the cryptographic and investment areas, thereby increasing the value of the customers’ tokens – that is, a multiple return on their investment.

In our procedures with experts before going public, we prevent the effects that could break the exchange rate and have a strong impact on it as an external pressure.

Thus, MST token holders have a significantly stronger impact on the price of their tokens than other forms of investment.

What makes the Social Q  unique?

The Social Q platform behind the tokens is operated by the token holders, so it is more independent of the external influences from the usual companies.

“We control the site together” is the goal of the founders, Adam and Renato, where the quality of the users is also ensured by filtering fake users, and the innovative system also prevents anyone from abusing the images  and datas shared.

Artificial intelligence analyzes the behavior of users non-stop to get quality and valuable content for them, and facilitates networking or even business communication with the Meet feature.

Part of the ecosystem is a dating feature called: Date, which will work as an app similar to Tinder in the app. The presence of validated users will be valid for this interface as well, so only existing people will be able to register.

– details Adam Holl.

With the number of users of the Social Q application and the use of the services, Millionstarter is constantly growing, so it can guarantee increasing returns for those who own MST tokens.

For more information or for Token purchase, visit the Millionstarter website: