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We reserve the right to make changes, within the framework of the promotion, only the actual referral connection will be accepted, which will be automatically established upon registration. If the invited person registers via a non-referral link there is no subsequent loading, so we cannot accept it.

Why become a partner?

Our MST Partner Program is a great way to introduce the world of Social Q to your community.



You will receive 20% of the purchase fee every time one of your invited MST tokens is purchased.

Cash withdrawal anytime

Once you’ve earned at least 100 USDT in USDT, you can withdraw your earnings at any time and we’ll transfer them to your wallet.

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The more people you invite and the more people buy MST tokens the more money you can earn.


If you want to promote a good service or product that you like and that is easy to sell, you have found it.

How does it work?

It’s actually very simple – you can become an MST partner in three quick steps.


Invite someone

Share your referral code or link on social media, crypto forums or communities. You can find your unique code or link in the Referral section of your Profile Dashboard.


Motivate them to buy

Inform your partners about MST cryptocurrency and the system under development behind it.


Get money

Track the activity of your invitees on the dashboard and watch your revenue grow automatically. Once your revenue reaches the min. 100 USD, you can claim it by email ( to your wallet.