Millionstarter MST Token Give Away


Grand Prize: iPhone 13 PRO 256 GB
2nd prize – iPad Mini (2022)
3rd prize – 1 BNB Crypto Currency (approx. 130.000 HUF)

Participation conditions and deadlines:
1️) To participate in the game, you must purchase MST tokens worth at least the minimum amount (110 USD) by the end of the current Pre Sale (Phase 1), i.e. 30 May 2022 12:00 GMT+1.
The amount must be received by us within the deadline!
2️) Multiple purchases will increase your chances of winning the draw!
3️) Winners will be drawn at random by a person independent of us through the Random Chooser program.
4️) The draw will also be streamed LIVE on Instagram at @millionstarter.
The draw will take place on 1 June at 19:00 GMT+1.

You can buy the MST token from (Our official website)

Other terms and conditions
❗️ Bonus tokens from purchases made through the referral link do not qualify as a purchase and do not entitle you to participate in the sweepstakes.

❗️ a), The winner must send a picture of the receipt of the prize which we may use and post on our official channels (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linekedin, Reddit, Medium, Telegram)

❗️b), The winner must post a message in the official Telegram group that he/she has picked up the prize. The contact details of the telegram group is @millionstarternew