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A jövő közösségi oldal
használóinak kriptovalutája

ICO Private 1.2


Price: $0,04 / MST – Next Price: 0,06 / MST 
So far: 603.000 USD has been raised

Min purchase: 110 USD
Max purchase
: 57.500 USD

Become the owner of a new popular social network, Social Q!

The premium decentralized community network of the future, managed by MST token holders. This unparalleled ecosystem provides the true value behind the MST token.

The 3 main elementsof Social Q :

Q - Ecosystem

Millionstarter token will be the keystone of the Q Ecosystem. Social Q will be a platform that gives its users the opportunity to meet, date or handle their finances through the Metaverse.

Q - Dating/Meet

In addition to the social network, the concept of Social Q is made completely unique by the Date and Meet functions. The Date feature is the app’s dating interface, which is intended to provide an alternative to Tinder and similar known apps. Our artificial intelligence system, developed specifically for this purpose, will not give access to fake or deceptive users trying to get to know others by using someone else’s photo.

Q - Protection

The first device protection you can buy in cryptocurrency for your new or used device. There is no need for explanation, no rejection, and  quick administration.

How to generate revenue with the Social Q app


Three stable pillars ensure a continuous cash flow. The real system behind MST Token makes it unique in the market. Be a part of this opportunity!




Our media appearances

Affiliate program

If someone registers on our website and purchases MST Tokens through your affiliate link, 10% from the amount of the purchase will appear as Bonus MST on your account and wallet.

Bonus System

Volumen bonus: Extra tokens are given away upon reaching a purchasing threshold. For a single purchase only!

More than
500 USD


Bonus token

More than
1000 USD


Bonus token

More than
3500 USD


Bonus token


Contract: 0x5e9b7100ef06d4d1f1f187c7c6b169e376044307
BEP20 (BSC Smart Chain)

Szeptember 28 - December 11
$0.022 / $0.03 / MST token
Private Sale
Szeptember 28 - December 11
$0.022 / $0.03 / MST token
December 12 - January 23
$0.04 / MST token
Private 1.2
Sale of Remaining Private Tokens
December 12 - January 23
$0.04 / MST token
January 24 - Februar 25
$0.06 / MST token
Phase 1
Vesting: 12 Months with 6 months release 16.66% monthly
January 24 - Februar 25
$0.06 / MST token
February 26 - March 27
$0.08 / MST token
Phase 2
Vesting: 6 Months with 6 months release 16.66% monthly
February 26 - March 27
$0.08 / MST token
March 28 - April 29
$0.1 / MST token
Phase 3
Vesting: 3 Months with 6 months release 16.66% monthly
March 28 - April 29
$0.1 / MST token
May 1
$0.15 / MST token
Phase 4
Free trade / No Vesting
May 1
$0.15 / MST token

Max Supply

Soft Cap

$2,5 M

Hard Cap

$10 M

your order

The tokens are sent out to your wallet in 24-48 hours.

Benefit from the MST Token!

The growth of most tokens is based on hype, not because of its underlying background value. This way, you can easily lose up to 100% of your money, as in addition to the high profit potential in the short term, the risk is also huge.

The benefits of MST Tokens


of a company
The birth of the Millionstarter idea Legal background design
Birth of MST tokentoken and Social Q
Token platform + web creation We start planning the ICO (primary token issuance) Create MST Token
We start to sell the tokens in private
We are expanding the number of our team Pr appearances International marketing campaign
The fine-tuning of our strategy
Explosion in the media New website Re-opening the telegram group Team expansion
Application development begins
Update white paper Attracting large investors Making a pitch deck Dating and Q protection web development
Our future plans
Coming soon…
2021 Q2
2021 Q3
2021 Q4
2022 Q1
2022 Q2

MST Team


Renátó Bándli

Founder, Chief Executive
& Business Developer

Adam Holl

Executive Manager

András Markos

International Relations

Máté Koczka

PR communication


Mask Group-1

Áron Tamás

Marketing Strategy

Max Yampolsky

Blockchain expert

Zoltan Vigh

Business advisor


MST blog

Contact us!

+36 30 147 24 24 (11:00-17:00)

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